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About us

The Russian market of extruded plastic tubes' production started its development in 2001.

For the present moment there are six producers of plastic tubes in it. These are the factories with different sets of equipment which is both of the Taiwanese and of the European origin.

The leader among them is the Company Tuboplast-Otradnoe. It is a new, modern enterprise, which is situated in the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg.

Tuboplast-Otradnoe is a completely automated manufacturer with ventilation and air conditioning, computer networks and a system of safety and round-the-clock video monitoring of production. The company employs about 100 people and is the largest manufacturer of tubes in Russia and the CIS.

Our correspondent, Artem Pryadko, had an interview with Yury Komoltsev, Commercial Director of Tuboplast-Otradnoe. Mr. Yury Komoltsev told him about the establishment of the Company, its development stages, its potentialities and trends for the future.

«Our enterprise was organized on the basis of a former metal processing factory which was radically reconstructed.

Since 2000 for year and a half we were thoroughly studying the world market of extruded tubes and before we launched the production we had visited 8 plants — producers of extruded tubes in Europe and Asia. Also we had studied all the European producers of the equipment for this technology.

We had bought the equipment, installed it, taught the personnel and on the 17th of October 2002 the enterprise was officially opened.

At the grand opening of the plant there were present Governor of Leningrad region, Mr. Valery Serdjukov, and Members of the Regional Government.

The first year of the Company's development was the most difficult. It is connected with the fact that tube production involves up to ten different technologies and invisible problems in one of the manufacturing processes can show up unexpectedly at the end of the whole production cycle.

Well-qualified and skilful experts play an important role in extruded plastic tubes' production.

Taking into account the fact that in Russia for that moment there were no such specialists, we had to learn by our own mistakes. Our mission slogan is ‘the impossible is possible'. We tried to satisfy the most complicated requests of our customers.

We promptly mastered the offset printing technology by CMYK method and as a result we have established our reputation in the market.

In 2003 we were the first and the only in Russia who started using such a printing technology as the silk-screen printing on extruded tubes, launched the production of co-extruded tubes and began making the sealing with a membrane.

In 2004 there was started the production of tubes with an oriented flip-top cap and tubes with labeling.

In 2005 the company created a good laboratory for pre-printed preparations. It has been equipped with new laboratory machines providing the output of necessary samples for the preliminary production which allows avoiding the costly involvement of production lines and consequent disruption of production schedules in connection with the preparation for production of test samples of new products.

In 2006 the heat transfer technology on plastic tubes was mastered by us and presented to the market. The technology allows us to apply an image on a tube with the accuracy up to 500 dpi (dots per inch). This is very accurate. For comparison magazine pictures usually fall in the range of 300 dpi up to 500 dpi. The samples were demonstrated for the first time at the Rosupak 2006 exhibition in June, Moscow.

By the end of 2006 we had installed a six-colored silk-screen printing machine  ISIMAT.

It is the most advanced silk-screen printing available today. The accuracy of colors' overlapping is in the region of 0.07mm which is a high precision factor. At the moment in Eastern Europe such equipment is only available at one enterprise.

In 2007 there was bought one more hot-stamping machine MADAG TPA3plus, produced in Switzerland, and a header machine PACKSYS GLOBAL, Switzerland, and as a result there was assembled the third production line in the plant.  

Since 2003 we have been working on a system of inter-operation, entrance and exit production control to ISO standards and by the end of May 2006 we had received the ISO 9001 certificate

The supervisory service of quality control works in accordance with the international standards.

The company's client base includes leading cosmetics companies in Russia and some transnational companies, which, having conducted the quality system audit of Tuboplast-Otradnoe, confirmed its positive result.  

The quality of plastic tubes produced by us corresponds to the highest production standards and norms.

For our packing production there are used raw materials of such leading European producers, as NIPO OIKE, PEYERGRAPHIC, ANTARES, SCHEKOLIN, BOREALIS, RUCO, ZELLER, MARABU and others.

Today we produce:

•Ø       Monolayer- and multi-layer extruded tubes of Ø 30,35,40 and 50 mm

•Ø       Extruded tubes made of crystal clear polyethylene

•Ø       Offset Printing of high accuracy: 6 colors, up to 120 lpi

•Ø       Silk-screen printing of high accuracy: 6 colors, up to 100 lpi

•Ø       Selective covering with varnish

•Ø       Labelling

•Ø       Combined Printing (Offset + Silk Screen + Labelling)

•Ø       Tubes with Oriented Flip-Top Cap

•Ø       High-accuracy hot-stamping with foil of 2 colors simultaneously

•Ø       Control membrane on tubes

•Ø       Foil hot-stamping of a cap

Tuboplast-Otradnoe has already invested more than $13 million in technology and equipment.

The company continues to be on the increase and in progress.

In spite of the fact that in 2007 the company made investments into four new machines, within the next five years we are going to buy two more automatic production lines and to increase the plant's space twice.  

Our strategy is readiness to advance ourselves together with our customers. We consider our customers to be our strategic partners».

Commercial Director explains, «Each time a new contract is drawn up we try to consider all the requests of a client and even endeavour to anticipate their needs».

«Under a project initiated in 2002 the enterprise has been equipped in such a way that today it completely complies with modern requirements of the world output. The advanced manufacture minimizes waste products and any resulting waste is shipped to the companies which recycle it and it promotes environmental protection.

Among the advanced technologies which have been mastered by us there can be mentioned an ability to video monitor through Internet the production process in real-time mode from any spot of the world.

While establishing the enterprise we understood that all our prospective customers were buying plastic tubes from abroad. For us to attract their attention to our company we had to offer them the products of not worse but of even better quality level and our production system had to conform to the standards of Western companies.

Now we can say that we have succeeded in achieving it. The company works on the basis of annual contracts with market leaders such as: Green Mama, Krasnaya Liniya, Nevskaya Cosmetica, Cosmetica XXI, Henkel-Era, Faberlic, Vitex and others.

Cosmetics manufacturers in the European Union have shown interest in the company's production. At the moment, tubes are being delivered to Russia and Belarus. But already in 2008 deliveries to the European Union countries are planned. The current focus for the enterprise is still on the Russian market which is quite understandable given the current rates of growth here. More over, some transnational cosmetics companies are gradually moving their production to Russia and to the East. In Russia there have already been working plants of such transnational companies, as Avon, Oriflame, Schwarzkopf & Henkel, Unilever. A number of other companies is going to open their production within the next few years.

That's why during the last five years we have received several offers to merge from world companies — tube producers. We are always open to negotiations on partnerships on the basis of equal and mutually beneficial relations.

From the very beginning our enterprise has innovated and experimented. We did make some losses but gained rich experience which provides a platform for future successful development.

We believe that in spite of the fact that the Company's evolution period is not so great, we have achieved big success and within five years we have mastered practically all the technologies which are in demand and used in extruded tubes' production.

We suppose that all our quick progress would be impossible without help of our partners — equipment suppliers, suppliers of raw materials and component materials. Great assistance has been given us by the Government of Leningrad region and by the Leningrad Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of them who supported us in the establishment of our Company!»

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